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Kathaleen McCormick

In early 2013, we listed our house on the bay, 110 Vines Ln, with one of the most reputed realtors in the Bethany area. The house did not sell and the house did not show often. When we asked for an Open House, we ended up hosting it ourselves. There were never any suggestions as to what we could do to make the house more marketable. Our realtor had been to our home only once or twice. He kept saying, “The right buyer will come along.” Finally, a year and a half came and went and the house did not sell.
Two days after we withdrew the listing from the market, I received a detailed letter from Richard Flaim telling me why he thought our house had not sold and providing, in detail, how he would list and market our home. Then there came an avalanche of letters from other realtors, all asking us to hire them, but they did not tell us what they would do better. We decided to wait until spring to re-list but then my sister withdrew a lot from the market, and within seconds she had an email from “Richard Flaim”. At this point we decided we needed to meet this Richard Flaim. That Sunday we spent three hours sitting with Richard. Before our session ended, we had decided not to wait till spring to list, but to list then and there with Richard. That week I called our original realtor and told him we would not be relisting, that we had just relisted with Richard Flaim. “Kathy,” he said, “I knew something was going on. Someone was at the house using the pass key at 7 AM today.” Then and there I knew we had made the right decision.
Richard has instructed us in regard to how to better stage our home. When we needed a cleaning, he found and supervised the service. He asked our permission to move things around…and every time we went back to the house we saw where something had been moved or added. A wreath was on the front door. A cook book was propped up on the kitchen counter. Our “staged” wine bottles had an opener next to them. The book I had left in the Florida room was open; giving the appearance that someone actually had just been there relaxing. Richard has been to the house numerous times. When he noticed a slight leak in one of the four, and the most out of the way toilet, he himself turned off the water and did the cleanup and a plumber was called. The house that had been “sitting” had three showings scheduled Christmas week, right after we listed. Richard IS ON IT!!!!! His contact and feedback with us was often and sincere. I like him; I trust him; his attention to detail is remarkable. Our house went under contract and is sold. OH? And remember my sister’s lot? She listed it with Richard and in less than a month it went under contract and has sold. He has listed another of my sister's lots and she is going to settlement May, 2017.  If you list with Richard Flaim, you will never regret it.

Kathaleen McCormick